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We are pioneers of microsatellite technology advancing the frontiers of space business, reimagining traditional ways of using space, and creating a society where everyone on our planet can make space part of their life.

Your job is like a dream! This is the inevitable reaction we get when we tell someone that space is our playing field. Indeed, space is a romantic and awe-inspiring place for many people. However, comparing it to a dream also shows that you perceive it as a distant, unreachable world. If you think about it, this is far from the truth. The GPS receivers in our cars and smartphones, the satellite radio you listen to while driving, the Earth imagery you see every day in weather forecast programs; these are all possible thanks to space technology. It is already part of our daily lives, a luxury of which we are barely aware.

Historically, such space infrastructure has been constructed by governments, mostly because it is normally too costly for the private sector. However, microsatellites are generating a new paradigm, drastically lowering risk and cost for space utilization. We would like to deliver the value of space to as many people as possible, making use of our unique microsatellite technology which we have nurtured for more than a decade since we established the company.

Space is not a special place any more. The day when we routinely use space data across a wide range of industries will come along very soon. We play a leading role to make it happen as pioneers of microsatellite technology.

Message from our ceo

Microsatellitescan change theway we live.

Message from our ceo

At Axelspace we create microsatellites and use them to solve problems from space. Since our establishment in 2008 we have developed five spacecraft, including the world’s first commercially-traded satellite. Through these projects our satellite technology, born in the labs of the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, has continuously improved in performance and reliability. We’ve developed and refined our craft from scratch, reaching a cost-performance advantage that fears no competitors on a global level.

When first we set out on our journey, public interest in the space sector was skeptical at best, especially in Japan. In the past few years, however, thanks to a new interest in the space business in the United States, the tides have turned. Famous entrepreneurs are now tackling orbital challenges, new space startups emerge at a remarkable pace and private capital flows in the sector by the hundreds of millions. As a consequence of this, even the traditional attitude towards space costs and reliability is shifting. The psychological distance from the space business has never been smaller.

Finally the time has come to launch the first satellite of our AxelGlobe Project, which we’ve been working on since 2015, marking the start of a new phase. Soon, by gradually increasing the number of satellites in orbit, raising the frequency of observations and collecting more and more data, a new infrastructure will grow. Through this infrastructure applications for agriculture, ocean monitoring, localized weather forecasts, urban planning, construction progress management and many other fields will be possible.

Some things only become apparent when looking from orbit. We humans need to know more about our planet and about our society, and space technology is a powerful way to accomplish this. We hope you are as excited as us about the possibilities created by this new constellation infrastructure. Axelspace’s experts are working right now to make it soon a tangible reality.

Yuya Nakamura

President & CEO Axelspace Corporation


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