We believe in the power of Microsatellite to bring clarity.


Introducing a novel way to observe our planet. Until now, high-resolution satellite imagery has been a costly and low-frequency service. Thanks to the flexibility and the low costs of microsatellite technology, we are now able to generate new value through global, high-frequency coverage of the Earth.

Our AxelGlobe project will produce and accumulate quality imagery data of the whole world at the unprecedented rate of once per day.

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Your own Satellite

Space utilization used to be a prerogative of national governments: not any more. Modern microsatellites can drastically cut both mission development times and costs, allowing private companies and research institutions to join the race. Axelspace puts its home-grown, cutting-edge microsatellite technology at your service to help you meet your specific business needs from an orbital vantage point. Our service is “Batteries Included”: from initial concept to design and manufacture, from launch arrangements to orbital operations, everything is covered.

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