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The Power of AxelGlobe

AxelGlobe is an Earth observation platform based on a constellation of our optical satellites “GRUS”. As of 2021, five GRUS satellites capture images of the whole world once every 2-3 days at a resolution of 2.5m — enough to distinguish cars. We will achieve daily observation with the launch of five more satellites by 2023. AxelGlobe provides not only always-current information but also invaluable insights and predictions for the future by comparing new data with older images from its collection archive and studying their evolution.

AxelGlobe contributes to urban planning, understanding economic trends, disaster prevention, and precision agriculture, such as crop growth management and prediction of the best time to harvest. Once AxelGlobe is complete in two years, with at least ten satellites in orbit, new applications such as supply chain monitoring and environmental monitoring in the context of SDGs and ESG investments will change our social infrastructure dramatically.

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Rio Pardo de Minas, Brazil: NDVI analysis

Besides its obvious uses in crop acreage and growth monitoring, analysis of satellite imagery can lead to accurate forecasts of the best harvest times and optimal management of fertilizer and water distribution.

Satellite images are being used for various applications in the forestry sector, like the detection of illegal logging and the identification of vegetation types.

Management of long-distance pipelines, oceanic platforms, megasolar plants and all kinds of other large-scale infrastructures can benefit from up-to-date satellite data.

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