Yuya Nakamura

Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Yuya Nakamura was born in 1979 in Mie Prefecture, Japan. He completed a doctoral degree at the University of Tokyo. While he was a student, he was involved in the development of nano-satellites such as XI-IV, XI-V, and PRISM. After working as a project researcher at the university for one and a half year, he established Axelspace Corporation in 2008. He has been serving as a member of the Committee on National Space Policy since 2015.

I was interested in chemistry until high school and had never dreamed of entering into the world of space on any account. While attending the University of Tokyo, I came across a student-made satellite and completely forgot my old attachment to chemistry as I jumped into the satellite engineering field without hesitation. Afterward, I continued to engage in nanosatellite development until the completion of my doctoral degree. When graduating, I thought it would be unfortunate if I could not make use of the nanosatellite technologies that I had gained besides education. Fortunately, I encountered the chance to get subsidies from the government to support the setup of a new business applying university technologies and began activities. Actually I felt unsure of myself when establishing the company, because I have never aspired to be an entrepreneur and have never studied company management. But I have tried my best being surrounded by excellent peers. I’m trying my best as a face of the company.

Satellite development is like watching a child throwing a tantrum; both require considerable care and attention to achieve their full potentials. Watching a satellite travel into space may be like a father seeing his daughter get married.

Real-time earth observation platform. I believe microsatellites have such power, as the Internet has changed both the world and peoples’ values.

Running around the Imperial Palace grounds, going to a karaoke bar, riding roller coasters, snowboarding, and watching movies.

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). FPGA is an IC chip that is used as the main computer of Axelspace’s satellites. It’s such a useful chip that the designer can change its internal circuits many times, and even its circuit is updatable after launch. What wonderful days!

“Make space an ordinary place.”
Many people tell me “it’s nice you have a dream,” but my dream is to make space not a dream.


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