Yoshihiro Ota

Axelspace Corporation Holdings

Executive Officer and CSO(Chief Strategy Officer)

Axelspace Corporation

Director and CSO(Chief Strategy Officer)

Completed the Master’s degree at the University of Tokyo, School of Science.
Joined Axelspace in 2014 after the experience of financial sector. Since then, he has been engaged in a wide range of operations such as dedicated satellite business and AxelGlobe business, while focusing on business management operations such as fund raising activities. Since April 2021, he has been in charge of company-wide management strategy as the General Manager of the Corporate Strategy Division. 

My original experience with the universe was to see pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, etc.  by the Voyager satellite in a picture book when I was a child. With a vague interest from there, I thought that the era of private space business would come and joined Axelspace. I feel that the era of Space x business is steadily approaching. 

Before joining Axelspace , I could only come up with a deep space exploration satellite as a  satellite. Now I know the existence of various satellites like earth observation, and I am beginning to feel interest in a satellite as an independent system. 

Making the benefits of space widely available.

Travel, reading, cooking, crane games 

When reading a book slowly with a drink 

Give and give and given. 

It takes people. 

Planning of management strategy and establishment of Dedicate satellites business.


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