Yasunori Yamazaki

Executive Officer and CBO (Chief Brand Officer)

During a long experience in the financial sector he worked on corporate marketing, branding and corporate access. He joined Axelspace in 2017. His strength is planning and execution of global deployment and development strategies.

I became interested in space after hearing Yuya Nakamura, the CEO, talk about the space business on television. I now work and engage every day with this incredible team, and I’ve made it my personal mission to offer novel possibilities for our clients’ business, constantly creating entirely new value for them. Also, I want to challenge the limits of global business by pushing our micro-satellite technology to its full potential.

Sometimes, the fact that I’m working in a space startup still blows my mind. I feel I’m very lucky. The product we’ve build goes up there in orbit and helps our society. Every day, I’m eager to go to work. Developing satellites is a long succession of challenges and their solution, and that is what makes it so satisfying.

I’m dead-set on creating a future where anyone, anywhere has easy access to Earth observation data. I get all excited just thinking about the time when AxelGlobe’s smart, useful data will have become an irreplaceable tool that people use to make intelligent decisions.

When possible, during the winter I spend some time holed up in a snowy mountain. I positively love skiing. During the summer I fly to some south-pacific island and snorkel in the beautiful sea every day. Whenever I have holidays, without fail, I end up either on a mountain or in the sea.

A mountain covered in soft snow and a southern sea full of beautiful corals and multi-colored fish.

Business development and strengthening of our brand value.


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