Founder & CEO, TomyK Ltd.
Co-founder, ACCESS Co., Ltd.
External director of Axelspace
since June 2014

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Tomy Kamada

External Director

Thanks to the evolution of information technology and the internet, our lives have become more and more convenient. Today, IoT and AI are dramatically improving the productivity in many fields, and more and more new enterprises are born around them. I think that our environment will evolve into a single, all-encompassing network to which all our devices are connected. Axelspace, with their satellite technology and space-big-data analytics, is bringing IoT to space. By observing Earth at all times from space, many new applications will become possible. TomyK will support this ground-breaking, world-changing technology startup, helping it create a new industry.

1984 Graduated from University of Tokyo
1984 Established ACCESS Co.,Ltd.
1989 Received Ph.D. from School of Information Science, University of Tokyo
2001 Listed on the Mothers market (ACCESS Co.,Ltd.)
2011 Left ACCESS Co.,Ltd.
2012 Established TomyK Ltd. (Startup Booster)


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