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RAPid Innovative payload demonstration Satellite 1 (RAPIS-1) is the first demonstration mission in Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)‘s Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Program. It is designed to carry new components developed by Japanese private companies, universities and research institutes, allowing them to demonstrate their capabilities in the actual space environment. Axelspace is responsible for the design, construction and in-orbit operation of the satellite.

Demonstration Theme Title Institution
Evaluation of space environment tolerance of an innovative FPGA on the orbit NEC
2-3 Gbps X-band downlink in-orbit demonstration Keio University
Green Propellant Reaction Control System (GPRCS) in-orbit demonstration Japan Space Systems
Space Particle Monitor (SPM) in-orbit demonstration
Innovative deep learning attitude sensor/star tracker development Tokyo Institute of Technology
Light-weight solar panel apparatus JAXA
Miniaturized low-power GNSS receiver in-orbit demonstration Chubu University

Dimensions 1022 x 1082 x 1060mm
Mass about 200kg
about 35kg for payloads
Downlink rate 10Mbps
Attitude control Three-axis control (Earth-pointing, Sun-pointing,
ground point tracking, despin modes)
Attitude stability within 300arcsec (allowed time 0.2sec)
Bus power generation about 100W
Payload power generation about 100W
Payload power consumption about 56W in average, max 130W

The bus system of this satellite is designed for high independence between mission systems and bus systems. It is thus an optimal setup for experimental components and is easily adaptable for future enhancements in functionality.

Launch Date and Time January 18, 2019
9:50:20 AM (Japan Standard Time)
Launch Vehicle Enhanced Epsilon rocket
Launch Base Uchinoura Space Center, Japan
Orbit Sun synchronous, 500±20km altitude

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