Naoki Miyashita

Co-Founder, Director & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1978. Completed a doctoral degree in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology while concurrently being involved in the development of CUTE-I and Cute-1.7+APD. Co-founded Axelspace in 2008.

I still remember seeing the picture of the earth taken from space at my maternal grandmother’s home as a child. I don’t know now if this was the beginning, but I had wanted to enter into the world of space development since I was a child. When I became involved in the development and launch of three artificial satellites at university and graduate school, I wondered whether I could utilize these experiences and current technology to form a satellite business.

While the Internet is the web over the surface of the earth, satellites from another outer web adding a height dimension to the earth. I see great potentials in the world seen from the outer web.

A system based on AxelGlobe that is capable of assessing the present, studying the past and predicting the future.

Japanese tea ceremony, exploring the traditional Japanese sense of beauty, traveling around Japan, cycling, running, photography.

Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district and Karuizawa, a town in the Nagano prefecture.

Executive management, spacecraft hardware and data management, thermal and structural design, software development.


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