Yusuke Nakanishi

Director and CPO(Chief Product Officer)

He completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Hitotsubashi University. With sales and planning experiences at AGC Corporation (former Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.), Boston Consulting Group and as a startup executive officer, he joined Axelspace in 2020 and has been appointed as CPO and Director of AxelGlobe Business Division in April 2021.

「Sorry to ask such a basic question…」「No problem, no one else in the world has answer to this problem !」I am very happy to work in such an exciting workplace where this kind of exchange happens. To realize “Space within your reach”, we will accelerate our challenges with elite members who share our vision.

It was a strange sight to see four newly completed satellites lined up in an office in the center of Tokyo. I still remember this original scenery that I saw before joining the company at a moment’s notice.

AxelGlobe’s real-time monitoring of every point on the planet, and I want to see how it will change the world.

Flamenco, Martial arts, Movies

CNR1 gene affects perception of Happiness

(My genotype is CC type that tends to be the easiest for Japanese people to perceive happiness)

Joy and sorrow are today and tomorrow

Business manager, Product manager of AxelGlobe


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