Director of the Board,TX Entrepreneur Partners (General Incorporated Association)
Director and Special Advisor,NetLearning Holdings, Inc.
Special Advisor,Ichiryu Associates, Inc.
Director,Beat Communication Co., Ltd. and others
External director of Axelspace since June 2014 until November 2018
Part-time auditor of Axelspace since November 2018
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Masaru Murai

Part-time Auditor

Humankind has a dream. The dream to fly in the sky created the aviation industry, which revolutionized our lives. The dream to have a computer which even an individual can use freely created the personal computer industry, and its network is still expanding today’s information society. The dream toward space will eventually create the new commercial satellite industry, so that even a private company can easily utilize space for their businesses. Axelspace has developed the world’s first commercial microsatellite for Weathernews Inc, and the satellite was successfully launched on Nov. 21, 2013.

Like the computer industry, commercial microsatellites will drastically change how we use space. Axelspace is bringing innovation to space ahead of the rest of the world. I am resolved to keep supporting Axelspace, a startup company creating new values with strong passion and will.

1962 Received MBA from UCLA Graduate School of Business
1962 Joined IBM Corp. (USA office)
1963 Transfer to IBM Japan Ltd. Participated in the development of Japan’s first online banking system
1980 Director of Large Customer Relations, IBM Far East HQ
1986 General Manager of IT Control, IBM Japan
1991 Left IBM Japan
1991 President, Compaq Computer Japan
1996 Chairman, Foreign Information Industry Forum
1996 Governor, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
1997 Chairman, Compaq Computer Japan
1998 Advisor, Compaq Computer Japan

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