Full-time auditor
of Axelspace
since March 2017

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Kenichi Shimomura

Full-time Auditor

As a child I was deeply impressed by the news of the first lunar landing, and I was addicted to the first series of Star Trek. Almost half a century has passed now but I believe that Axelspace, one of the very few New Space companies from Japan, has the potential to do great things at a global scale. I give my best to support the company in achieving a healthy and constant growth.

1973 Graduated from Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
1973 Joined NEC Corporation
2003 Assistant division manager, division of laser solution, NEC Corporation
2004 Full-time auditor, Laserfront Technologies Co., Ltd.
2007 Executive officer and division manager, division of quality and environmental management, Omron Laserfront Inc.
2010 Full-time auditor, Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan


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