Director, Global Brain CorporationSpace Business EvangelistCo-Founder & Director, SPACETIDE FoundationExternal director of shareholding companiesExternal director of Axelspace since August 2015
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Hidetaka Aoki

External Director

I have engaged in various space projects from microsatellite development at university to large-scale satellite development at an established manufacturer, to gain insights about space technology and business around the world. Engineers at Axelspace are highly skilled and motivated to bring innovation to the industry. In this way, a new space business led by the private sector is rapidly rising. I will greatly contribute to the creation of a new industry together with Axelspace, a front-runner in the private space business.

2002 Graduated from Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas
2004 Earned a Master of Science from Auburn University
2013 Earned an MBA degree from Keio Business School
2005 Joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Space Systems Division)
2013 Joined Dream Incubator Inc.
2015 Joined Global Brain Corporation

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