September 1, 2021

Axelspace to Support National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience to Utilize Small Optical Satellites in Times of Disaster

Axelspace Corporation announces a contract with National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED), in which Axelspace will support NIED to establish a process to utilize small optical satellites in times of disaster. In this demonstration project, Axelspace will provide NIED with satellite data from “AxelGlobe”, its proprietary Earth observation data platform. Through the demonstration, Axelspace aims to introduce AxelGlobe data and develop viable solutions in the area of disaster management, so as to contribute to the prevention and mitigation of disasters around the world.


Contract Details

  • From the viewpoint of an operator of small optical satellites, Axelspace will establish an operation flow of utilizing small optical satellites in times of disaster on the integrated system of disaster management developed by NIED, from request for emergency observations to delivery of captured data.
  • Based on the operation flow above, Axelspace will demonstrate actual emergency observations and provide data to NIED.
  • The contract period : Until March 25, 2022


About AxelGlobe

Currently, AxelGlobe constellation consists of 5 satellites named “GRUS” and can observe anywhere in the world every couple of days, capturing images with a ground resolution of 2.5 m. By 2023, Axelspace will launch five more satellites, which will enable us to monitor the world every day. The satellite images taken by AxelGlobe are expected to be used for various applications, such as crop growth management and prediction of the best time to harvest (so-called “precision agriculture”), urban planning, understanding of economic trends, disaster monitoring. Emerging needs include remote monitoring of supply chains under the pandemic situation and environmental monitoring in order to contribute to SDGs and respond to ESG requirements.

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About Axelspace

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