October 13, 2020

Announcing the launch of“Virtual Office Policy”

Bringing innovation to business and workstyle by boosting the digital capability of the organization

TOKYO, October 13, 2020 – Axelspace Corporation announces the company has launched “Virtual Office Policy” on October 12, 2020, to allow employees to select the workplace, on the back of restriction of mobility to employees, due to COVID-19.

The focus of this new system is to reimagine working outside of the office as part of the diverse work style. The work-from-home policy has already been part of Axelspace work options, but the company implemented an interim policy with the assumption that most of the members will have to work from home, as the COVID-19 forced to put measures to restrict going to the office for work. As a result, it was confirmed that impact to the client service would be limited, even with the implementation of remote work as part of the work style. Going forward, the company decided to establish this as a permanent policy, in correspondence to the abolishment of the restriction to go to the office for work, in order to adapt to the “new normal” of living with COVID-19.

Axelspace believes, even when working outside of the office, that place is considered to be an extension and expansion of the office, requiring the same level of security, commitment for work and timely communication with colleagues, thus the company named the policy “Virtual Office Policy” and not “Remote Work Policy”. This policy assumes working from home, however if the requirements for the virtual office are met, it allows employees to work from outside of their homes.

The electronic contract system has been officially introduced as well, in order to effectively implement the “Virtual Office Policy”. Axelspace will request partner companies to work together to abolish the requirements of going to the office, only to print, stamp/sign and post mail documents. On top of this, the Company is introducing new initiatives, including payment of the commuting expense on an actual basis, to adapt to the “new normal”.

Axelspace is a startup building physical hardware in-house, but managed to smoothly implement an environment to allow employees to work remotely. This is a product of the Company’s continued efforts to boost digital capabilities of the organization, prior to COVID-19, by pioneering the automation and digitalization of the development process. In fact, the Company quickly established the environment to remotely conduct the development and testing of software and electrical components of the satellite, as the decision was made to restrict the entire company from going to the office to work. This achievement will lead to opening up options for the methodology of satellite development in the future.

Axelspace will continue to work hard to improve the working environment for the employees, promote administrative efficiency and expand business, by making timely managerial decisions to meet the expectations of the society and the needs of the time as well as by accommodating itself to a rapidly changing environment.

Comment from Yuya Nakamura, President and CEO of Axelspace:

I am proud of the timely implementation of the restriction to work at the office to adapt to the COVID-19 situation, with minimal disruption to the business and taking a step forward to design and deploy the “Virtual Office Policy” to welcome the “new normal”. I hereby would like to show my appreciation to everyone involved in making these initiatives a reality in a timely manner. “Virtual Office Policy” allows for a more diverse work style, but it doesn’t mean the Company recommends the employees to fully work remotely. I am well aware that physically working together can help nurture trust-based relationships and bring innovative idea to life. With the implementation of the “Virtual Office Policy”, I would like to empower our employees to shape their work themselves, fully taking advantage of the flexibility to look for ways to improve individual performance, while enjoying private life, but always remembering the importance of physically gathering together as a Team. The new workstyle will also have a significant impact to our business. I would like to take this as an opportunity to further transform Axelspace, by accelerating the digital transformation without boundaries, resisting the pressure to follow precedents and to settle with conventional approaches.

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